Mission: Promote adoption of Trap Neuter Return as the preferred
strategy for humanely managing and reducing free-roaming cat
populations in south central Pennsylvania.

Organizational Goal:  Reduce existing unaltered free-roaming
domestic feline populations by 80 percent in south central
Pennsylvania by 2022.

Email:  contact@nobodyscats.org
Nobody’s cats are everybody’s cats.
Strategies & Resources:
TNR improves the lives of free-roaming cats and reduces their numbers. At a minimum, cats are spayed or their outdoor
home.  Caretakers feed and provide shelter, monitor the colony, and remove new cats for TNR or adoption.  If implemented
properly, TNR WORKS!

This strategy has been endorsed by many respected bodies including:

The Nobody's Cats Foundation, PO Box 725, New Cumberland, PA 17070-0725
Why TNR Works

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